Nicolas Künzel


Telephone: +49 681 302 70716
Postal address:
Gebäude E2 1, R. 301
P.O. Box 15 11 50
D-66041 Saarbrücken

Curriculum Vitae

  • higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) in Berlin, Germany (2011)
  • B.Sc. in Physics at University of Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany (2014)
  • M.Sc. in Physics at University of Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany (2018)
  • PhD student, Center for Bioinformatics, Saarland University (since April 2018)

Research Areas

  • protein-protein interactions (PPIs)
  • influence of post-translational modifications and alternative splicing on PPIs
  • molecular dynamics (MD) simulations
  • docking


Trautmann, S., Künzel, N., Fecher‐Trost, C., Barghash, A., Schalkowsky, P., Dudek, J., Delius, J., Helms, V., Hannig, M., Deep Proteomic Insights into the Individual Short‐Term Pellicle Formation on Enamel—An In Situ Pilot Study. Prot. Clin. Appl. 2020, 1900090

Künzel, N. and Helms, V. (2021), How phosphorylation of peptides affects their interaction with 14-3-3η domains. Proteins. 2021; 1- 12

S. Cappello, H.-M. Sung, C. Ickes, C. Gibhardt, A. Vultur, H. Bhat, Z. Hu, P. Brafford, A. Denger, I. Stejerean-Todoran, R.-M. Köhn, V. Lorenz, N. Künzel, G. Salinas, H. Stanisz, T. Legler, P. Rehling, M. P. Schön, K. S. Lang, V. Helms, M. Herlyn, M. Hoth, C. Kummerow, I. Bogeski, NK cell cytotoxicity and protein microarrays predict efficacy of melanoma immunotherapies. Cancer Res September 13 2021

M. L. Knapp, D. Alansary, K. Förderer, F. Sommer, D. Zimmer, Y. Schwarz, N. Künzel, A. Kless, K. Machaca, V. Helms, T. Mühlhaus, M. Schroda, A. Lis, B. A. Niemeyer, A longer isoform of Stim1 is a negative SOCE regulator but increases cAMP modulated NFAT signaling, provisionally accepted, preprint


  • How Phosphorylation Affects the Binding of C-terminal Peptides to the hPTP1E PDZ domain (poster). Computer Simulation and Theory of Macromolecules, Hünfeld (2019)
  • How Phosphorylation Affects the Binding of C-terminal Peptides to PDZ Domains (poster). Alchemical Free Energy Workshop, Göttingen (2019)