Chair of Computational Biology at the Saarland University

  •  Our research group studies two main biomedical phenomena: (1) cell differentiation and reprogramming, (2) emergence of antibiotics/drug resistance in bacterial and cancer. For this, we employ molecular modelling and simulation methods as well as methods for data integration and -analysis.
  • In the area of cell differentation, we analyze how multiple poteins aggregate into protein complexes or interact with DNA. Of particular interest is how these interactions are affected by post-translational or epigenetic modifications, or by alternative splicing.
  • In the area of emerging drug resistance, we map genome-wide mutation data onto regulatory and metabolic pathways. Also, we analyze by atomistic simulations and data mining how substrates interact with membrane transporters.
  • Our group collaborates closely with various experimental partners on campus and elsewhere and is embedded in the collaborative research center SFB 1027.