Protein-Protein Interaction

ABC Database


One aim of current research is to find characteristics of protein-protein interactions in order to categorize them. For the analysis of these interactions we have to deal with a large amount of data. Therefore we decided to construct a new database that collects all desired interaction features and allows a comfortable search via web interface.
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Brownian dynamics simulations


Brownian dynamics simulations is a powerful tool to study the kinetics of association of large proteins. They diffuse randomly in an implicit solvent until they enter into the electrostatic field of each other. In this region they move by directional diffusion toward the encounter complex.
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Proline-rich peptides

proline Recognition of proline-rich sequences plays an important role for the assembly of multi-protein complexes during the course of eukaryotic signal transduction and is mediated by a set of protein folds that share characteristic features.
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Inhibition of Protein-Protein Interactions

inhibition Detection of transient pockets on protein surfaces as putative inhibitor binding  pockets.
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