Active Web Services

MINS2 – MINS is a service to predict membrane insertion free energies of helical transmembrane sequences. – Bioinformatics (2008) and Bioinformatics (2008)

PreTIS – PreTIS is a web service to predict non-canonical translational start sites in the 5′ UTR from the mRNA sequence. – PLoS Computational Biology (2016)

ProPores 2 – ProPores2 is a web service and stand-alone tool for identifying and visualizing void spaces in protein structures. – Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (2021)

TFmiR 1 and TFmiR 2 – TFmiR is a web service that builds a TF and miRNA co-regulatory network based on user parameters set and generate general and disease-specific co-regulatory networks. – Nucleic Acid Research (2015)

Vesiweb – With vesiweb you can control vesimulus, the tool for stochastic molecular simulation of chromatophore vesicles from Rhodobacter sphaeroides. This web front-end allows you to edit the parameters for the simulation, i.e. the numbers of the corresponding proteins, the reaction rates and the initial number of metabolite particles. After the simulation is finished, you can analyze the outcome of your simulations. – Biophys J (2006), Biophys J (2006), J Biotechnol (2007), PLoS One (2010)

Inactive Web Services

ABC2-Database – Database for analysing biomolecular contacts.


TMX: Transmembrane eXposure prediction server – TMX is a web service for predicting the burial status of Alpha helical transmembrane residues. – BMC Bioinformatics 2007