Prediction Services

Vesiweb: Dynamic simulations of a chromatophore vesicle from Rhodobacter sphaeroides
With vesiweb you can control vesimulus, the tool for stochastic molecular simulation of chromatophore vesicles from Rhodobacter sphaeroides. This web frontend allows you to edit the parameters for the simulation, i.e., the numbers of the corresponding proteins, the reaction rates and the initial number of metabolite particles. After the simulation is finished, you can analyze the outcome of your simulations.

ABC2-Database Database for analysing biomolecular contacts.


TMX: Transmembrane eXposure prediction server
(service to predict the burial status of Alpha helical transmembrane residues)

MINS (Service to predict membrane insertion free energies of helical transmembrane sequences)




Brownmove, a many-particle Brownian Dynamics simulation package

Vesimulus - Molecular stochastic simulations not only of bacterial photosynthesis

Parameter for Q-HOP MD


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