Special-topic Lecture: Mathematics of Cellular Networks

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Volkhard Helms

Tutor: Maryam Nazarieh, Thorsten Will

Lecture: Tuesday, 10:15 am – 11:45 am, building E2 1, room 007
Tutorial: Tuesday, April 22, 12:45 am – 1:30 pm, building E2 1, room 007; from Tuesday, April 29 on at 4:00 pm

Information: This course can be used as a “Spezialvorlesung der Bioinformatik/Special-topic Lecture Bioinformatics”


5 (2 V + 1 Ü)

This course is taught in English language.

Conditions for certification: Students need to get at least 50% of the points from the assignments to qualify for the final exam. 

Suggested date of final exam: Tuesday, August 5, 10:00 am, E2 1, 007

Schein/Certification: Successful completion of the course is equivalent to passing the written final exam that will take place near the end of the semester (end of July/beginning of August). The grade for the Schein will be equal to the grade of the final exam.

A second-chance exam will be offered at the beginning of the next winter semester.

There will be about six bi-weekly assignments and weekly tutorial sessions.


(a) topological properties of networks (after Mark Newman: Networks – An Introduction)

  • centrality measures (chapter 7)
  • graph partitioning (chapter 11)
  • epidemics on networks (chapter 17)

(b) probabilistic networks (after Daphne Koller & Nir Friedman; Probabilistic Graphical Models

(c) reconstructing gene-regulatory networks

  • … examples from the current literature


no formal requirements,

prior participation in bioinformatics III lecture is helpful but not required,

solid programming experience is recommended for completing the assignments.


Lecture 1, April 15 pptx pdf
Lecture 2, April 22 pptx pdf Assignment 1
Lecture 3, April 29 pptx pdf
Lecture 4, May 6 pptx pdf Assignment 2
Lecture 5, May 13 pptx pdf
Lecture 6, May 20 pptx pdf Assignment 3
Lecture 7, May 27 pptx pdf
Lecture 8, June 3 pptx pdf Assignment 4
Lecture 9, June 10 pptx pdf
Lecture 10, June 17 pptx pdf Assignment 5
Lecture 11, June 24 pptx pdf
Lecture 12, July 1 pptx

today at 4 pm!

pdf Assignment 6
July 8 no lecture
Lecture 13, July 15 pptx pdf
Lecture 14, July 22 no lecture